My name is Danny Madrigal. I started Above All Pictures in 2006 shortly after finishing film school. I started off with a video camera and a dream, and multiple years later I have some of the best equipment and software available on the market. I feel compelled to give every project my all, and put pride into everything I do.

I have worked on virtually every kind of project imaginable. Short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, weddings, events, trade shows, fashion shows, parties, and seminars, to name a few. They are all unique and have their own set of rewards and challenges.

Around the same time I started my company I also began appreciating the great outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, cycling, exploring, you name it, I do it. These activities have given me a chance to experience and shoot some of the best pictures of my career. From chance encounters with rare fauna, to glorious sunsets in the middle of nowhere, this niche is definitely my favorite.

Nature photography has truly become my calling. Being from South Florida, the Everglades is where I spend the most time, and do the most work. It truly is a magical, and unique place. I am a member of the Everglades Photographic Society, and an administrator on the Everglades Exploration Network. My goal is to photograph seldom seen treasures of this region and share with everyone the reasons why the glades must be saved. So that our children may view the “River of Grass” the same way we did.

“A bad day of photography beats a great day of work.”

-Danny Madrigal